Undoing v1.01 Fixes, Patches & Updates

Bug Fixes & Patches

  • AI are recycled during spawning to reduce frame rate drop to little or none. You can still expect a little lag at the beginning of a brand new singleplayer match (because of the initial spawning of AI).
  • Prevented AI from meleeing/shooting if the Target is blocked by another AI. 
  • AI now use a separate (lower) chance for QTE Grapple while sprinting.
  • Prevented "double" damage events in a short time-frame.
  • Added "hit" chance for melee, which is calculated based on range from the Target.
  • Human AI attack distance is separate from Monster AI.

Major Content Updates

  • Added a "slow" effect to sprinting speed after x amount of damage received.
  • Ambiance added (based on team and location on the map).
  • Sound attenuation settings set to resemble more realistic natural sounds.
  • Changed map size and boundaries.
  • Balanced Human and Monster character stats.
  • Singleplayer has Easy/Medium/Hard difficulties which impact stats of each character:
    • Health
    • Melee Damage
    • Walk and Sprint Speed
    • Sprint Damage
    • Grapple Success and Attack Success Chance
    • Attack Delay
    • Slow Reset Time
    • Slow Damage Threshold
    • Slow Amount
  • Singleplayer allows custom selection of number of CPU opponents.


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Feb 04, 2019

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